Frequently asked questions

Cyberpay is a payment processing service that allows merchants, acquire and gateway provider process payments and collections on their platform via web, mobile or any user interface.

Online access to Cyberpay API’s after fulfilling the online registration process.

Yes, you can with your account details.

Please contact your bank and log the details of your transactions. Your bank will resolve this and ensure you get a refund if it applies.

Your bank should reverse the transaction within 24 hours. If the funds are yet to be reversed into your account or Card, you may contact; ( +2349076555420, +2349076555421)

Yes, you will get an onscreen notification confirming that your transaction is successful as well as a debit alert as it applies to all transactions you do from your account.

You will get an onscreen notification for unsuccessful transactions immediately that happens, prompting steps to help resolve as seamless as possible.

Yes, it is suitable for both web and/or mobile interface.

Yes, Cyberpay has a detailed reporting which can be extracted for accounting, auditing and reconciliation purposes.

Yes! Merchants who process large volumes enjoy a discount on the transaction fee.

Yes. Click HERE for simple steps on how to get this done.

These are charges that customers dispute on their credit cards for different transactions. When a dispute is made, the merchant reverses the transaction and the customer receives his money back.

Simple. In 3 easy steps, all you need do is;

Step 1. Contact our Email address or phone numbers

Step 2. Give us your transaction details which would then be confirmed by the merchant

Step 3. A chargeback will be given back to you (or the user).

In order to process payments, you will first need to sign-up for a merchant account as an associate with Cyberpay which integrates with your website or application and facilitates the transactions. Cyberpay handles authorizing and settling the transactions and then deposits the funds into your merchant account.

Yes, it does. Just input your details and let the platform do the rest. Toggle Content

You can make payments with your Card, Bank Account, USSD, QR Code, eWallet, etc.

You can make use of Verve, Visa and Mastercard

Cyberpay is PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant so all transactions that pass through our systems are automatically afforded the highest level of security any online payments could possibly attain. Also, Cyberpay has an inbuilt automated fraud monitoring tool that enables fraudulent transactions to be tracked and other users protected

PCIDSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, it is an international information security standard that ensure that organizations that accept, process or transmit card information maintains a secured environment, and compliance means that your card information is secured and safe for transactions.

Yes, you can. Every transaction passes through our fraud engine and immediately such transactions are identified, they are blocked.

Your money is automatically settled to your bank account the same working day (D). So payments received on Monday (12 midnight – 3pm), for example, will be settled on the same day, but from once the issue occurs later than 4pm, it would be dealt with the next day (D+1) Tuesday.

Creating a Cyberpay account is at no cost!

Cyberpay has a simple documented API making it easy for developers to on-board seamlessly.

Yes, Cyberpay works both on web and mobile applications.

It’s an automated payment for specified goods or services on a prearranged schedule. It requires the merchant to get the cardholder’s permission one time up front, and then continues automatically until the cardholder withdraws permission. It’s suitable for any type of good or service that a customer purchases repeatedly and on a regular basis. Examples include cell phone bills, TV cable bills etc.

It’s the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security.

It ensures that sensitive card or bank details  or data is not leaked.

Cyberpay has a direct connection to all the major commercial banks in Nigeria. Kit is also connected to NIBSS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System) thus it covers all commercial banks in Nigeria.

That service will be enabled on the platform soon.