Cyberspace in partnership with Insurance Companies in Nigeria has deployed a mobile insurance solution via USSD channel.

A mobile insurance solution

Mobile insurance is a term used to describe the purchase of and subscription for an insurance policy from an Insurance company from the convenience of the Mobile phone. Platforms used to facilitate this include Mobile App, USSD solutions etc. This means that a prospective policy holder or a subscriber can buy insurance policies directly from his or her mobile device without necessarily visiting the insurance company or an agent.

Benefits of using this Micro-Insurance

✓It is easy and user friendly.

✓It saves time and can be accessed remotely.

✓It is readily available.

✓It is accessible via any Mobile Phone. You do not necessarily need a smartphone, any feature phone can be used to access the service.

✓You get Instant notification and receipts.

✓Payment is easy and convenient.

✓Registration is seamless as your information is readily displayed only for you to validate provided your MTN Sim is registered.

How does it work?