Why CyberPay

We identified gaps in the existing payment and collection solutions, hence why we are here to make your life easier.

Why now?

We have identified gaps in the existing payment and collection solutions that are still resulting in pain points and bad checkout experiences for the customers. Hence why CyberPay is out to address the pain points and make payments, collections and interactions between Merchants and their customers seamless, convenient and safer.

✓ Multiple access channels (email, phone, online chat)

✓100% availability and prompt response

✓Proactive monitoring of transactions

✓24/7 Customer Support System in multiple languages.

✓Provision shorter settlement cycle

✓Prompt resolution of disputes

✓Ensure complete settlement amount/value

✓Reporting – deploy customization, accurate and timely reports

✓Well defined escalation matrix and alert system


✓Fraud prevention and management

Why us?

✓ Simple, API based integration: We are guaranteeing simple API integration

✓ Tokenization and Recurring Debit Opportunities: We offer a tokenization system that generates a string of random characters to replace the original credit card number. The token then allows payments to be processed without exposing sensitive account details that could breach security and privacy.

✓ Faster Settlement Cycle: We provide hourly settlement system. However, this is upon fulfilling terms of service.

✓ We are innovating around alternate payment services that allow consumers and businesses to safely make and receive payments in all major currencies, regardless of locations. Payments can be made via Cards, Bank Accounts, USSD, eWallet, QR Code.

✓ Multiple Processing/Switching Channel – High PSR: We will be ensuring high transaction success rates, leveraging multiple processing and switching channels.


Benefits to both merchants and customers

To Merchants

✓ CyberPay accepts payments and collections securely. 

✓Avail multiple payment methods.

✓Settlement is made within a short cycle.

✓Secured payment gateway.

✓Allows report collation/ generation.

✓Faster and higher transaction success rates.

To Customers

✓CyberPay accepts payments and collections securely.

✓Allows tokenization and recurring payment service.

✓Allows one-click access to multiple payment channels.

✓Allows multiple payment methods( Cards, bank accounts, USSD and wallets)